2901, 2018

Configuring a Site-to-Site VPN Between Sophos UTM (SG) and Sophos XG

In this article, I am going to cover the supported configuration for IPSec site-to-site VPN connections between Sophos UTM (SG) and Sophos XG firewalls.

The main limitation to understand is that […]

2011, 2017

The Best SonicWall Configuration for Detailed Logging and Reporting

Since releasing Fastvue Reporter for SonicWall in 2016 and seeing it deployed in hundreds of organizations around the globe, we have become very familiar with the effects that various SonicWall configurations and SonicOS firmware versions have on the firewall's logging and reporting. As a result, here are our main SonicWall configuration recommendations to get the best visibility into user web activity and how your network is operating.
1011, 2017

Using Sophos UTM’s Request Redirection Feature in v9.5

One key feature that was missing from the Sophos UTM SG platform prior to version 9.5 was the ability to use Sophos UTM itself to perform request redirects. We published […]

609, 2017

Sophos XG and SG (UTM) SSL Site-to-Site VPN Compatibility

Sophos has been making great progress in maturing the Sophos XG platform to the point where it is now a serious contender for deployment instead of the more established Sophos […]

1608, 2017

SonicWall Reporting on Users, Departments and AD Security Groups

The easiest way to report on users and groups using Fastvue Reporter for SonicWall is to enable authentication on your SonicWall and let Fastvue Reporter automatically provide the pick lists for Users, Departments, Offices, Companies and Security Groups as you have defined in Active Directory. If Authentication is not an option, you can use Saved Filters to make reporting against resolved host names and Source IPs a little easier for the people running reports. This article explains how.
1108, 2017

SonicWall Logging Issues Affecting Alerts and Reports on Google Searches

We have noticed two issues in SonicWall's logging that you need to be aware of if you are running SonicOS 6.2.7 and above, and you need to report or alert on search terms entered into Google.
708, 2017

SonicWall DPI-SSL Logging Issues Affecting Bandwidth Reports

Unfortunately, all traffic going through SonicWall's DPI-SSL feature is logged with incredibly small size values - only a few bytes for each URL. This means that you will not see any DPI-SSL traffic in Fastvue Reporter's bandwidth dashboards or reports, as it essentially gets drowned out by all the correctly logged HTTP traffic. This article explains your options.
3107, 2017

How to Configure Sophos XG’s Free Dynamic DNS Service

Dynamic DNS is a service you can use to make a device with a dynamically allocated IP accessible from the outside in. Common Dynamic DNS providers include DynDNS, ZoneEdit, EasyDNS, and DynAccess. Sophos XG Firewall supports these four Dynamic DNS providers, but it also includes a fifth provider simply called Sophos, and the great news is it's free! This article takes you through configuring Sophos XG's free Dynamic DNS service.
1707, 2017

Repurposing Sophos Hardware as a Multifunctional Virtual Server

I just happened to have an ageing Sophos UTM SG115 in our spare parts / swap out stock and thought I'd see if it could be repurposed (or rather re-imagined) as a Virtual Server running multiple virtual devices. Wouldn't it be cool to have Sophos UTM and Sophos SUM running on the same box? Let's give it a go!
1505, 2017

Reporting on WannaCry Ransomware Infected Machines

This article describes how to use Fastvue Sophos Reporter to report on machines potentially infected with WannaCry Ransomware on your network. The first and second variations of WannaCry ransomware access specific domains before the installation phase. You can therefore report on all machines that have accessed these domains to help identify potentially infected machines.
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