The fastest and easiest way to report on Microsoft Threat Management Gateway.

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For Businesses

Send scheduled reports to Department Managers and HR detailing their employee’s Internet usage.

For Education

Safeguard students by monitoring access to self-harm, extremist, or inappropriate content.

For IT

Monitor and troubleshoot your network in realtime to uncover the firewall features and policies responsible for allowing or blocking specific traffic.

  • Company Overview Report Barracuda Web Filter

Forefront TMG Reporting

Generate Overview Reports or detailed Activity Reports on users, sites, apps, categories or any traffic that flows through your Forefront TMG Server.

TMG Reporter’s comprehensive filtering interface and seamless Activity Directory integration makes it a breeze to get the report you need.

Fastvue Site Clean makes web activity reports ‘make sense’ by showing what sites people are actually visiting – not every advertising server, CDN or tracking pixel accessed behind the scenes.

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Real Time Dashboards

TMG Reporter is the only real-time reporting application for Forefront TMG.

TMG Reporter monitors your Forefront TMG’s web proxy and firewall logs in real-time and displays live bandwidth, user productivity, and firewall dashboards

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Easy Report Scheduling

Automatically generate customized reports every day, week or month.

Send department managers reports on their department’s activity every week, send subnet reports to network administrators each day, or unacceptable browsing reports to HR managers.

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TMG Reporter’s real-time alerting system notifies you as soon as there is something you need to know about.

TMG Reporter can automatically email details about events such as Malware, enormous file downloads, unacceptable browsing, or undesirable applications when it occurs.

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Productivity Assessment

Forefront TMG’s URL Filtering does a great job at categorizing web sites and TMG Reporter makes it extremely easy for you to deem those categories as Unacceptable, Unproductive, Acceptable or Productive.

* Requires Forefront TMG’s URL Filtering to be enabled

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Report on multiple TMG Servers

TMG Reporter collates data from all your TMG Servers, providing a single dashboard, reporting and alerting interface for your entire network.

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