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Sensible Web Reports

Sophos Reporter’s web reports are not cluttered with advertising sites, tracking pixels, CDNs and social sharing widgets.

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(Patent Pending)

HR and Manager Reports

Policing Internet usage is a job for HR and Managers, not IT (that’s a bit creepy).

Fastvue Sophos Reporter makes self serve web reporting for HR and department managers easy.

Simple And Effective

Don’t have time to become a log file analysis expert and create customized reports? No problem. We’ve done the leg work for you.

A few of our happy customers

Don’t Trust Your Firewall’s Internet Usage Reports

Fastvue Site Clean makes the log data from your firewall reflect real Internet usage activity. It removes images, scripts, fonts, ads, and other background traffic so you can send meaningful Internet usage reports an alerts, to the right person.

Fastvue Site Clean - Introduction

The Problem of Reporting on the Modern Web

Internet Reports produced by web gateways such as Sophos UTM do not distinguish between the web sites people intentionally access, and the web sites that are automatically accessed behind the scenes.

Fastvue Site Clean - The Modern Web

Fastvue Site Clean (Patent Pending) digs deeper and looks at all characteristics of web browsing log file data, to provide a more accurate picture of real web activity.

Sophos UTM Reporting Made Awesome

Generate Overview Reports or detailed Activity Reports on users, sites, apps, categories or any web traffic that flows through your Sophos UTM.

Sophos Reporter’s comprehensive filtering interface and seamless Activity Directory integration makes it a breeze to get the report you need.

Sophos Reporter Reporting Demo
  • User Reports
  • Security Group Reports
  • Department Reports
  • Website Reports
  • Subnet Reports
  • Policy Reports
  • Productivity Reports
  • + Reports on anything in the Sophos UTM Web Filter logs

Free 30 day trial. No card. No obligation. Free support. Always.

Sophos Reporter Dashboard Demo

Live Real Time Dashboards

Sophos Reporter collects syslog messages from Sophos UTM to display live bandwidth, user productivity, and web protection dashboards.

Simply hover over anything that looks interesting to run a detailed report and get at the heart of the problem.

Slow Network?

Check the Bandwidth Dashboard for sites, applications, users, categories and files that are dominating your network’s bandwidth.

Grumpy Users?

See in real time the Productive sites being blocked by the UTM, and the Unproductive sites being allowed. Fix your policies before the calls start coming in!


Not sure why your UTM is blocking or allowing certain traffic? Use the Web Protection dashboard to drill into your Web Policies and see exactly what they’re doing.

Easy Report Scheduling

Stop wasting time manually running reports for everyone else. Automatically generate customized reports every day, week or month.

Send Department Managers reports on their department’s activity every week. Send subnet reports to network administrators each day, or unacceptable browsing reports to HR managers.

Sophos Reporter Report Scheduling Demo
Sophos Reporter Alerts Demo


Sophos Reporter’s real-time alerting system notifies you as soon as there is something you need to know about.

Sophos Reporter can automatically email details about events such as Malware, enormous file downloads, unacceptable browsing, or undesirable applications as soon as it occurs.

Productivity Assessment

Sophos UTM’s URL Filtering does a great job at categorizing web sites, and Sophos Reporter makes it extremely easy for you to assign those categories as Unacceptable, Unproductive, Acceptable or Productive.

This enables you to simply monitor unproductive traffic without necessarily blocking it, find web sites that are making it through the firewall that really shouldn’t be, as well as productive web sites that are being accidentally blocked.

Sophos Reporter Productivity Demo
Sophos Reporter Add Historical Log Folder

Never miss reporting data, even if syslog goes down.

Monitoring syslog data from Sophos UTM is great, until the syslog stream is interrupted or when you need to reboot the syslog receiver. When that occurs, you end up with gaps in your reporting data!

Fastvue Sophos Reporter takes care of this for you by also monitoring Sophos UTM’s Remote Log Archive location to fill in any gaps in the Syslog stream. Read more.

You can also use this folder to import historical log data from the UTM to investigate previous incidents.

Consolidated Reporting across all Sophos UTMs

Run multiple Sophos UTMs across your organization’s network? No problem. Just add each UTM as a Source in Sophos Reporter to collate all information into one unified, easy to use reporting solution.

Sophos UTM Stack

“Sold me on going with the UTM!”

The best part for me is that once I setup the reports and who they go to, I am out of the loop totally. The department manager can parse through the report, run more detailed reports, and take action without involving me at all as a net admin. Site Clean made it even easier for the managers to understand (How do you explain what a CDN is to the accounting manager?). Sophos UTM with the Fastvue Sophos Reporter together is what sold me on going with the UTM.
– Andrew Reynolds (frasca.com)

The reporting power of Fastvue is significantly better than the factory Sophos reporting. When our demo ran out I literally felt blind as to what was going on with people surfing, etc. Working with support has been a total pleasure as they’re willing to go above and beyond to make the customer completely satisfied!
Scott Bentoske, FEC Automation Systems
Site clean is possibly the most useful tool for web usage analysis and reporting since the Internet began! A true Eureka moment in web reporting.
According to my UTM’s on-box reports, akamaihd.net was by far our top site and responsible for huge bandwidth drains. I decided to block it, only to discover it broke half the Internet! I never realized so many legit sites use it for their content. Fastvue Sophos Reporter gave me the insight I needed to just block specific origin domains, not the entire CDN!
Martin Johns

Compare the options

On-box Reports

  • Designed for the UTM Administrator
  • Reports on UTM and network performance
  • Basic information about web usage (top users, domains and categories)

iView Appliance

  • Designed for the UTM Administrator
  • Reports on UTM and network performance
  • Basic information about web usage (top users, domains and categories)
  • Collates data from multiple UTMs
  • Provides easy access to the log records that built each report

Fastvue Reporter for Sophos

  • Designed for everyone else concerned about employee internet usage
  • Also useful for UTM Administrators
  • Goes beyond simple log aggregation to provide sensible and useful information around web usage, productivity and the UTM’s policies
  • Collates data from multiple UTMs
  • Imports historical log data in addition to real time syslog data
  • Provides useful activity reports as opposed to cluttered log searches to view full forensic details.

Fastvue Sophos Reporter Features

  • User Reports

  • Security Group Reports

  • Department Reports

  • Website Reports

  • Subnet Reports

  • Policy Reports

  • Productivity Reports

  • Report on any logged item

  • Simple Report Scheduling

  • Private Report Sharing

  • Fully Customizable Web Activity Alerts in your inbox

  • Live Bandwidth Dashboard

  • Live Productivity Dashboard

  • Live Web Protection / Firewall Dashboard

  • Allowed Undesirable Sites Report

  • Blocked Productive Sites Report

  • Easily Investigate Unproductive Users

  • Easily Investigate Unproductive Sites

  • Large Download Alerts

  • Malware and Threat Alerts

  • Seamless Active Directory Integration

  • Full Chronological Web Activity Reports

  • Self Serve Reporting for HR

  • Distribute Reports for Managers

  • Send Productivity Reports to Employees

  • Warned and Proceeded Websites Alert

  • Customizable Data Retention Policy

  • Export To CSV

  • Simple Installation & Setup

Free 30 day trial. No card. No obligation. Free support. Always.