Simple User Based Subscription Pricing

From USD $439 (50 users for one year)

Q: What is the licensing model?

Fastvue Sophos Reporter is sold on a subscription basis.

Pricing is based on the size of your Sophos UTM installation, as well as your preferred subscription term. In other words, the number of people with Internet access that are protected by Sophos UTM, and the number of years you would like to purchase up front.

Purchasing more years upfront saves you money, and protects you from future price increases.

Q: What is a user?

We consider a user to be a ‘real person’ protected by the UTMs you need to monitor. For example, if you have 1000 people in your organization that are protected by your UTMs, and each user has a laptop, phone and tablet, this still equates to 1000 users.

If you have 1000 people that share 500 computers, then this also equates to 1000 users.

Q: Discounts?

Discounts for Education, Government, and Non-Profits are available. To obtain one of these discounts, click the ‘Request a Quote’ tab and let us know your type of organization in the ‘Special Notes’ section.

Q: What is the purchase process?

Fastvue Sophos Reporter is sold both directly through Fastvue, as well as through Fastvue and Sophos Partners.

Purchasing Directly Through Fastvue

When you request pricing from Fastvue, you will be sent a pricing quote, viewable online (powered by FreshBooks). You can then accept this quote by clicking the Accept button. You will then receive an invoice with all the payment details.

Payment methods include online via credit card, by wire transfer (US bank account), or by mailing a check to Fastvue (US address).

When requesting pricing directly through Fastvue, you will be quoted the recommended retail price (RRP).

Fastvue and Sophos Partners have the ability to discount the software using their own partner margin. If you are interested in contacting a Fastvue Partner, please see our Partners Page.

Purchasing through a Partner

You have the opportunity to specify your preferred partner when completing the Request Pricing form. If you do not have a partner, but would prefer to use one, please see our Partners Page.

Fastvue will work with your specified partner and ensure they get the best pricing out to you.

Fastvue will send pricing to your partner on the same business day, however we do not have control over how quickly the partner gets the pricing/quote to you. Please follow this up with your partner, and/or let us know if there are any delays.

Once your partner confirms your purchase with us, Fastvue will send your License Keys to your partner to forward onto you. You can then enter the keys into Settings | Licensing to activate your new subscription.

Q: Can I purchase a longer subscription term?

Yes. Use the Request a Quote form and mention in the ‘Notes’ field the subscription term that you would prefer. Your quote will be modified accordingly.

Q: I have other questions

No problem. Just email [email protected] or [email protected] and we’ll happily help you out.