1605, 2019

Attacking and Testing Sophos SG Web Application Firewall

Learn how to set up a Sophos SG Web Application Firewall testing environment where you can test and hone your WAF configuration skills. Step by step instruction on how to get started with a controlled security testing environment called Web Security Dojo.
804, 2019

Attacking and Testing Sophos XG Web Application Firewall

Continuing our series on the Web Security Dojo, this time testing Sophos XG web application firewall. Step by step instruction on how to get started with a controlled security testing environment In Sophos XG.
1803, 2019

New Version of Fastvue Reporter with Faster Report Times (Beta)

We have been hard at work for the past couple of years, upgrading the data storage and analysis engines in all our Fastvue Reporter applications, improving report generation time.  This […]

503, 2019

Fastvue Syslog Version 2.0 Now Available! A Free Syslog Server for Windows

It has been over three years since we first launched our simple unlimited and free syslog server for Windows - Fastvue Syslog. Since that time, it's received thousands of downloads worldwide and been featured as one of the top syslog servers by multiple online reviews. Today, we're happy to introduce Fastvue Syslog v2.0!
103, 2019

Testing Web Application Firewalls with Web Security Dojo

When testing your Web Application Firewall's (WAF) ability to mitigate threats, you need a vulnerable target to test attacks against. In this guide, I will step through setting up the Web Security Dojo to provide several weak web applications to attack, and configure it for external testing.  I will also show how to configure your attacking machine to access the Dojo, and finally how to perform a basic SQL injection.
2811, 2018

Network Troubleshooting with Sophos UTM tcpdump Packet Captures

Sophos UTM tcpdump information can be very useful in troubleshooting connectivity issues. In this article, I will show you how to use the tcpdump command on Sohpos UTM to verify if syslog packets are leaving your Sophos UTM appliance.
2310, 2018

How To Retrieve Log Files From a Sophos UTM Cluster Slave Node

When you have an active-passive Sophos UTM cluster, the configuration is synchronized between the nodes, but if the Master fails, it may not sync all the log data to the Slave node. From the WebUI, there is no method to view the files on the Slave device, yet those log files can contain information about the cause of the failure. This guide takes you through how to retrieve log files from a Sophos UTM cluster slave node and copy the file(s) to your local machine for analysis.
1809, 2018

How To Deploy Fastvue Reporter in a High Availability Cluster

If your Fastvue Reporter server ever encounters a failure or any other form of unplanned or planned downtime, you will not receive the incoming log data during that time, and may lose the ability to report on that period. In this guide, I will go through the basic configuration required to deploy Fastvue Reporter in a high availability cluster deployment using Windows Failover Clustering.
1707, 2018

How To Configure Sandboxing with Sophos Sandstorm

Configure sandboxing with Sophos Sandstorm in Sophos UTM and Sophos XG. Learn the benefits of this new feature, and how it will provide additional security to your network.
2806, 2018

Troubleshooting Sophos UTM Up2Date Failure Due to Disk Space

When you are deploying physical Sophos UTM appliances, the Up2Date process may fail due to a disk space shortage. This typically happens if you have a large number of updates that are outstanding. This article covers how to resolve this issue.
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