The new Private Reports feature in Fastvue Reporter (Sophos Reporter 2.0 or TMG Reporter 3.0) enables you to share reports with people in your organization securely, without giving them access to the rest of Fastvue Reporter, or other reports or data.

There is just a little bit of setup required to get everything secured and working correctly. This video shows you how to setup and use the Private Report sharing feature in Fastvue Reporter (Sophos Reporter is shown in this video, but the concepts work in any other Fastvue Reporter too!).

For the tl;dr version, jump to the 6:04 mark in the video for the quick summary.

As shown in the video, here are the steps secure Fastvue Reporter for Private Report sharing:

  1. On the Fastvue Reporter server, create two local user groups. One called Fastvue Admins and another called Fastvue Viewers.
  2. Add the appropriate people or security groups to each one.
  3. In Microsoft IIS, enable Windows Authentication on the Fastvue Reporter website
  4. In Authorization Rules in IIS, remove the ‘Allow All Users’ rule and add an allow rule for the Fastvue Admins Group.
  5. Add Authorization Rules to the p folder and the _ folder to allow the Fastvue Viewers Group.

You can now share ‘Private’ reports with anyone in the Fastvue Viewers group. The recipients of a private report link will be able to access the report content only, and will not have access to the rest of the application, or be able to run reports on others.

These steps apply to Fastvue Sophos Reporter 2.0, and Fastvue TMG Reporter 3.0.