Fastvue Reporter

Reporting on your internet and network use has never been easier

Get clearer, more comprehensive reports

Fastvue's reports highlight everything businesses, schools, and IT teams need to know about their network and internet use.

Internet usage reports

Find out who your top users are, their most-visited sites, and see the time spent on unproductive or unacceptable sites. Discover how many hours of YouTube videos have been watched. Uncover searches that match suspicious keyword lists, blocked sites, shadow applications, and more.

IT, network and security reports

Designed for busy IT teams, these reports highlight bandwidth issues, threats detected, summarize VPN activity, and make it easy to find firewall policies responsible for blocking or allowing traffic.

Activity timeline reports

See exactly when and how long people have engaged with certain online content throughout the day such as objectionable videos, or time-wasting websites.

User overview reports

Fastvue's comprehensive internet monitoring provides you with everything you need to know about a specific employee’s internet or network activity in one concise report.


Instantly detect users searching for self-harm, inappropriate, or extremist topics; large downloads or uploads, network threats, and more, and notify the people that need to know.

Site Clean

Fastvue's unique Site Clean technology lets you see exactly what websites are being browsed, without advertising, ugly content delivery networks, or other unnecessary noise cluttering the reports. Learn more.


Fastvue's extensive, customizable, and continuously updated keyword database flags suspicious activity related to suicide and self-harm, extremism and radicalization, racism, drugs, pornography, and profanity, without the false positives.

Schedule, export, and share

Easily filter reports by Departments, Security Groups, Offices, Subnets, and more, and automatically send them to the right person each day, week, or month.


Productive vs. unproductive. Acceptable vs. unacceptable. Create tailored guidelines that assess your users’ browsing, so you can discover risky online behavior, identify lost productivity, or reward good digital citizenship.


Clever keyword matching on YouTube titles lets you easily discover videos that may be inappropriate in your organization. See who spent time watching them, and how long.


See what’s happening on your network right now. Real-time dashboards focus on the trifecta of network concerns: bandwidth, productivity, and security.

All the features for a safer internet and productive network

User reports
Department reports
Student safeguarding reports
Allowed/Blocked websites reports
Activity timeline reports
Internet searches reports
YouTube videos reports
Online productivity reports
Firewall policy reports
Security & threat reports
Network bandwidth reports
VPN connections reports
Subnet reports
Live bandwidth dashboard
Live productivity dashboard
Live security dashboard
Live VPN connections dashboard
Simple report scheduling
Private report sharing
Send internet usage reports to managers
Send safeguarding reports to child welfare staff
Send security reports to IT teams
Real-time network monitoring
Fully customizable alerts sent by email
Safeguarding alerts
Large download alerts
Malware and threat alerts
Unproductive browsing alerts
Active directory integration
Simple installation & setup
Auto-updated keyword lists
Customizable data retention policy
Advanced filtering
Export to CSV & PDF

We're trusted by the world's most trusted firewall brands

  • Fastvue Reporter for Barracuda supports Barracuda's CloudGen, NG Firewall, and Web Security Gateway products.

  • Fastvue Reporter supports all versions of Cisco Firepower / Cisco Secure Firewall.

  • Fastvue Reporter for ContentKeeper supports all ContentKeeper versions above v.16653.

  • Fastvue Reporter for FortiGate supports all versions of FortiGate FortiOS.

  • Fastvue Reporter for Palo Alto Networks supports all versions of Palo Alto Next Generation Firewalls.

  • Fastvue Reporter for Sophos supports Sophos XGS, XG, UTM (SG), and Cyberroam.

  • Fastvue Reporter for Sophos Web Appliance supports all models and versions of Sophos Web Appliance (also known as Secure Web Gateway).

  • Fastvue Reporter for SonicWall supports SonicWall Firewalls and SonicWall SMA (Secure Mobile Access) devices.

  • Fastvue TMG Reporter supports all versions of Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway.

  • Fastvue Reporter supports WatchGuard Fireware v12.0 and above.