About Fastvue

Fastvue develops software to get the job of managing employee Internet usage off the IT department’s desk and into the hands of the right people. Our unique Fastvue Site Clean engine intelligently interprets firewall log data so that non-technical employees can easily see what people are actually doing online.

Our Technology

Generic log file analysis applications are great, but they take a lot of work to setup and then define the reports that you want to see. You need to become a log file analysis expert to simply generate the report you need, and who has time for that!

We set out to simplify web reporting. Simply tell Fastvue Reporter where your web gateway is, and the web reports you need are presented in real time. We even generate live alerts for web traffic you should be concerned about.

By creating reporting applications that target a specific web gateway, we’re able simplify the reporting process. We’ve done the research to understand a web gateway’s log files, such as what fields are useful, what records should be filtered out, how to look across multiple log lines to correlate sessions and so on. Our reports show the most useful information that can be retrieved from your log files, saving you days of setup, learning, and frustration!

In addition to our Fastvue Reporter products, we also develop WebSpy Vantage, an extremely flexible, generic log file analysis and reporting application supporting over 200 log file formats. If you need fine-grain control over the content and delivery of your reports, and are willing to spend some time defining templates, data aliases, and log import schedules, then WebSpy Vantage is the application for you! We use it internally to help us understand new log file formats so that we can define the best reports in our Fastvue Reporter applications.

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Fastvue Distributed Team

The Fastvue Team

We’re a knowledgeable team of log analysis and reporting experts, spread around the globe, committed to making sense of your web gateway’s log data.

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