We create simple solutions to help you manage your internet and network use better

Our mission at Fastvue is to make it easy for you to quickly and efficiently answer common questions about user internet activity, network performance, and security issues, without needing expensive and cumbersome log analysis tools.

Our innovative solutions get rid of the frustration and eliminate the cost of traditional log analysis methods, helping you answer the question of "What’s happening online?" in the easiest way possible.

Our story

Fastvue was founded by a group of friends in Australia who were determined to create a reporting tool that could provide valuable insights into internet and network usage without being overly complex or time-consuming to use.

Frustrated by the confusion caused by modern web traffic (like the background noise caused by ad servers and cdns), they set out to develop simple reporting applications that could make sense of log data from the world's leading firewall brands.

Fastvue's first product was launched in 2012. It was designed for Microsoft Forefront TMG — a popular firewall product that Microsoft unexpectedly discontinued only six months after launching.

The team quickly pivoted to create Fastvue Reporter solutions for all of the other major firewall brands.

Now, Fastvue is now a fully remote, distributed team of experts in Australia, USA, and the UK. We continue to focus on taking the complexity out of log analysis, and producing simple, easy-to-use products that solve real-world problems.

Our values

Fastvue is a fully remote, distributed team with employees all over the globe. But wherever we find ourselves, these four Hs guide our work.


We strive to be as helpful as possible, even if it falls outside of our software, responsibility, or job description.


Trust is vital, and we work to earn it by being upfront and honest, without any salesy nonsense.


We believe that happiness is contagious. So we always aim to find and do what brings us joy, and help others do the same.


We prioritize empathy, tolerance, and humility in all of our interactions, and check our ego at the door.

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