Introducing Fastvue Sophos Reporter for Sophos Web Appliance (Beta)!


Scott Glew

Scott Glew

We are excited to announce our latest reporting application, Fastvue Sophos Reporter for Web Appliance. Now Sophos Web Appliance customers can also enjoy web reports that 'make sense' for HR and department managers!

Overview Dashboard

Since releasing Fastvue Sophos Reporter last year for Sophos UTM, a common question has been whether or not it supports the Sophos Web Appliance. Our answer to date has been no, and to check out our WebSpy Vantage application that supports over 200 different log formats (including the Web Appliance).

But now we are happy to announce that the latest Fastvue Reporter Platform (including Site Clean) now supports the Sophos Web Appliance!

Fastvue Sophos Reporter for Web Appliance is currently available for beta testing, and we need your feedback to make sure it's covering all your needs for off-box web reporting for HR, department managers, employees and Web Appliance admins!

Benefits / Features

Sophos Reporter for Web Appliance has all the same features as our existing Sophos Reporter (for Sophos UTM) product. But here are some of the major benefits you'll receive over and above the Web Appliance's own on-box reporting:

Site Clean

Fastvue Site Clean (patent pending) is a unique technology that cleans up your web reports to better display the sites people are actually visiting. This is a huge advantage when sending reports to HR and department managers.

Typically, when reporting on web usage, you want to know what websites people are visiting. Unfortunately, web gateways cannot distinguish between the 'real' sites that people enter into their address bar, and all the 'background' sites that make up the content of a web page such as CDNs, advertising, visitor tracking pixels and social sharing widgets.

This means that your web reports are usually cluttered with sites such as,, and even thanks to that facebook like button on the page. Site Clean works in the background to make sense of this mess so that you don't have to!

Useful Activity Reports

Activity Reports provide a detailed list of browsing sessions, showing start time, end time, browsing time for each hour in the day with full details available at a click (Full URLs with query, timestamp, categories and actions).

Activity Reports


They also include green Gantt bars that give you a simple visual indication of the longest browsing sessions and when they started and finished.

Report on Active Directory Attributes

Sophos Reporter's seamless Active Directory integration makes it simple to report on Departments, Offices, Companies and Security Groups (the Web Appliance's on-box reports only supports Security Groups, and custom defined groups).

Reporting On Active Directory Attributes


Productivity Reporting

Simply drag and drop Sophos Web Appliances web categories onto either the Productive, Unproductive, Acceptable or Unacceptable lists. Sophos Reporter then reports the sites being allowed through the Web Appliance that are undesirable, or the sites being blocked by the Web Appliance that are productive.


Advanced Report filtering

Report on Users, Productivity, Sites, Departments, Actions, Source IPs, Subnets, File extensions, Applications and more! Operators such as 'Contains', 'In subnet', 'Starts With', 'Does not start with' etc makes accessing any information a breeze!

Advanced Filtering


Live Alerts

Receive alerts in your inbox with all the details you need, such as warned sites, large downloads, unacceptable browsing, and threats discovered.

Live Alerts

Alerts Full Screen


Increase Performance of your Sophos Web Appliance

By running reports off-box, Sophos Web Appliance has more resources available to do what it does best - protect and control your web traffic.

Report on Real-time and Historical data

Sophos Reporter for Web Appliance collects live syslog messages sent from Sophos Web Appliance for real time reporting and alerting.

It also imports historical logs if you have configured the Web Appliance to send its logs off-box via FTP. Simply enter the log folder when adding a source.


Sophos Reporter for Web Appliance - Add Source


Syslog Forwarding

Sophos Web Appliance only supports a single Syslog Server. If you already have a syslog server defined, change this to the Sophos Reporter server, and then select the 'Forward Syslog Traffic' option when adding your source. Sophos Reporter for Web Appliance will then forward syslog messages to your other syslog server.

Get Started!

If you run a Sophos Web Appliance in your organization, we'd love to know what you think!

Installation and Setup

Detailed installation and setup instructions are presented when you download using the form above. But it's super easy!

  1. Enable syslog on your Web Appliance to send syslog messages to the Fastvue server (if you already have it configured, Sophos Reporter for web appliance has a syslog forwarder so you can continue using your existing syslog server)
  2. Install Sophos Reporter for Web Appliance using the installation wizard
  3. Once installed, add your Sophos Web Appliance as a Source
  4. Enjoy!

Support and Feedback

As this is a brand new product for us, public support information is a little limited. However, this product has been built from the same 'Reporter Platorm' as our other two products (TMG Reporter and Sophos Reporter - for UTM), so you may find the information you're looking for in our other support portals:

Sophos Reporter (UTM): TMG Reporter:

Please forward any feedback or product suggestions to [email protected].

We look forward to hearing what you think!

Take Fastvue Reporter for a test drive

Download our FREE 30-day trial, or schedule a demo and we'll show you how it works.

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