Replacing Forefront TMG with Sophos UTM (Webcast)


Scott Glew

Scott Glew

Fastvue invited Sophos to present to Forefront TMG administrators on why they should choose Sophos UTM as their Forefront TMG replacement. Many TMG administrators are looking at replacing Forefront TMG soon, given that Web Protection Services will no longer receive updates in 2015. If you are in the same situation, make sure you watch this recording of the live webcast.

The live webcast was held on the 22nd of July and included three presentations:

Chris McCormack (Senior Product Marketing Manager - Sophos)

Chris takes you through the features that Forefront TMG administrators love about TMG, and how Sophos UTM has an answer for each of them. He also highlights the extra features you get with Sophos UTM that Forefront TMG will never have.

Chris' presentation starts at 0:50 into the recording.

Jorn Lutters (Sales Engineer - Sophos)

One of the major features of Forefront TMG is the reverse proxy, and its ability to publish internal sites such as Outlook Web Access, SharePoint and Lync. Jorn Lutters takes you through a live demonstration of publishing Exchange Outlook Web Access using Sophos UTM's web protection feature.

Jorn's presentation starts at 18:09 into the recording.

Scott Glew (Co-founder and Chief Product Officer - Fastvue)

It's well known that Forefront TMG's inbuilt reporting leaves a lot to be desired, which is why it didn't take long for Fastvue's first product TMG Reporter to become institutionalised throughout many Forefront TMG networks worldwide. My presentation takes you though the extra reporting capabilities you get through Fastvue's second product, Sophos Reporter, over and above Sophos UTM's on-box reporting.

My presentation starts at 37:13 into the recording.

Chantelle Lash (Demand Generation - Sophos)

Chantelle introduced and moderated the session, including Q&A towards the end.

Q&A starts at 49:35 into the recording.

Watch the webcast recording

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