The recently launched FortiOS 7.0 has over 200 new features and updates, but one that often gets overlooked is the inclusion of new ‘dark mode’ themes. FortiOS already had the ability to change the display theme between Green, Red, Blue, Melongene, or Mariner, but FortiOS 7.0 introduces some additional themes that effectively provides native dark mode in Fortinet FortiGate.

Enabling Dark Mode in Fortinet FortiGate

To enable dark mode in Fortinet FortiGate FortiOS 7.0:

  1. Update your firmware to ForiOS 7.0  from System | Firmware (take a backup first, just in case)
  2. Go to System | Settings | View Settings
  3. From the Themes drop-down, select one of the following themes:
    1. Dark Matter
    2. Onyx
    3. Eclipse
  4. Click Apply

Below is the “Dark Matter” theme with purple accents.

One nice addition of having a native theme is that the UI is consistent and unlike some dark mode browser plugins I’ve used in the past, the GUI and all widgets render correctly.

There are many other exciting new features bundled with this new major release from Fortinet, but having an easy-on-the-eyes dark theme makes exploring these features a bit more pleasurable, especially in low light conditions.

To see what else is new in FortiOS 7.0, including some other new GUI features check out FortiGate / FortiOS 7.0.0 New Features. The rest of the FortiOS 7.0 documentation is available from Fortinet Docs.