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Scott Glew

Scott Glew

We have recently discovered and fixed an issue with TMG Reporter's data retention policy, which if left un-patched, could result in a loss of imported data. This issue only affects the data in TMG Reporter itself, and does NOT affect the original log data on your TMG Server.

We highly recommend that everyone updates their installation of TMG Reporter to avoid losing any historical data that has been imported into TMG Reporter to date.


Before any upgrade, it is a good idea to backup your existing TMG Reporter Data Location. If anything goes wrong after the installation, you can restore these 'pre-upgrade' files by stopping the Fastvue TMG Reporter service, deleting the Data Location, and then copying in the files from your backup. When you restart the Fastvue TMG Reporter service, the TMG Reporter will import all log data created from when the backup was taken, assuming Forefront TMG still has it available.

To backup your Data Location:

  1. In TMG Reporter, go to Settings | Data Storage and note your Data Location.
  2. On your Fastvue TMG Reporter server, navigate to the Data Location and copy the folder and all its contents.  You can also safely zip/compress the folder to a new compressed file. To save space, there is no need to backup the Dashboard.log file or the TEMP folder in the Data Location.


To update TMG Reporter to the latest build:

  1. Download the latest installation file from If you are running the development build, download the latest installation from (you will need to enter your email address to download).
  2. On your Fastvue TMG Reporter server, run the downloaded executable and then click the Install Fastvue TMG Reporter 2.0 option.
  3. Simply click Next through the installation wizard to retain all your existing settings (don't change anything).
  4. Once installed, browse to the TMG Reporter site and hard refresh your browser to avoid any caching issues (ctrl + F5 on Windows, or cmd + R on Mac).

If you are running TMG Reporter or below (Settings | About), we also recommend updating the Fastvue Arbiter on your TMG Server.

To update the Fastvue Arbiter to the latest build:

  1. On your TMG Server, run the downloaded executable and then click the Install Fastvue Arbiter 2.0 option.
  2. Simply click Next through the installation wizard to retain all your existing settings (don't change anything).

TMG Reporter will now be updated. You can check the patch was applied correctly by going to Settings | About and the version should read (or for the development release).

What to do if you have been affected

If you feel as though TMG Reporter has deleted historical data that it should not have (i.e, data within the bounds specified of your data retention policy in Settings | Data Storage), and if the data you need to report on is still available in Forefront TMG's retained log files, then you can delete your existing data, and re-import the log data that TMG has available.

To do this:

  1. Follow the above procedures to backup and upgrade TMG Reporter.
  2. Once upgraded, stop the Fastvue TMG Reporter service.
  3. Delete the following file and folder:
    • Data.fvfs folder (this will delete all imported data to date)
    • Import.xml file (this will remove all reference to your Forefront TMG Servers and the log files that have been imported)
  4. Restart the Fastvue TMG Reporter service.
  5. Browse to the TMG Reporter site and re-add your Forefront TMG Server(s) as a source. TMG Reporter will then import all log data that your Forefront TMG Server(s) have available.


Our friendly support staff are standing by to help out with any questions or issues you may have. Don't hesitate to give them a call toll free on +1 888 885 6711, or head to our Support Portal.

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