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Scott Glew

Scott Glew

Fastvue for TMG Beta Release After many months with our heads buried in code, we’re finally there! (we think!). Our first product Fastvue for TMG is available for download, and we're looking for beta testers to give it a go!

Fastvue for TMG

Fastvue for TMG is a real-time analytics and alerting application for corporate networks running Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG). We chose TMG as our first supported product as it provides comprehensive log files detailing your network's traffic.

Not running Microsoft TMG?

If you’re not running TMG, we invite you to vote for the product you think we should support next.

What does it do?

There are two main components to Fastvue for TMG.

Real Time Dashboard

The real-time dashboard has been designed to give you up to the second statistics on bandwidth, productivity and firewall concerns.

Overview Dashboard

Overview Dashboard


We understand that you’re not going to watch charts all day, so we’ve included an alerting system to notify you when something happens on your network that you need to know about.

Alerts Configuration Page

Alert Configuration

We also integrate with Active Directory to learn about your departments, offices and user names, and we provide you with full control over what your company deems productive, unproductive, acceptable or unacceptable browsing.

How do I get started?

If you are running Microsoft TMG, download and install the product, and let us know how it goes. Here’s some technical information about how it works and what you’ll need:

Oh, and anyone who downloads and provides constructive feedback will automatically receive a $25 Amazon gift voucher if you purchase once we launch. We’re also keeping track of referrals, so tell some friends using your unique referral code, and there will be more where that came from!

Get started faster!

At this early stage, we would very much like to be there when you install so we can help you out with any issues and to identify the points in the process we need to improve.

If you would like to get up and running as quickly as possible, let’s organize a time to get together over GoToMeeting and run through the process with you.

Just send us an email letting us know which time zone you are in as well as your preferred day and time and we will make it happen!

Take Fastvue Reporter for a test drive

Download our FREE 30-day trial, or schedule a demo and we'll show you how it works.

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