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Scott Glew

Scott Glew

We recently posted an update to TMG Reporter Beta - build Unfortunately it introduced some issues for those that were already using an earlier version of the beta. As soon as we heard this, we pulled the update and we are happy to announce a new version that fixes these issues - Here's what we did:

Upgrade Logic

In version, we renamed the default data location from C:\ProgramData\Fastvue\Dashboard to C:\ProgramData\Fastvue\TMGReporter\2.0. This meant that when you upgraded to it did not know about your existing TMG Sources, Reports, or any of the data you had already imported.

Fastvue Data Locations

TMG Reporter data location introduced in

In, we have removed the '2.0' from the data location and introduced upgrade logic. The new data location is C:\ProgramData\Fastvue\TMGReporter. When you install, it will locate the data location for versions earlier than (including version 1.0 builds) and copy the information into the new data location.

Note: If you are using version (or .8 or .9) your data will not be upgraded. This means you will still have a 2.0 folder in your new data location. You can either delete this folder, or copy the information into your new location. The Fastvue TMG Reporter service will need to be stopped if you decide to copy the data to the new location.

Licensing Fix

There was an issue with the Licensing page that meant the software could not be registered automatically. If you tried to enter a license key, an error would be displayed saying that communication with the licensing server failed, and the manual registration steps were presented. The manual steps worked fine. fixes this licensing issue.

Fastvue TMG Reporter Licensing Error

The licensing error in

Interface Issues

Some customers reported various interface issues such as some buttons and links not working. We are still looking into these issues, however in some circumstances caching is to blame. If you are seeing interface issues, please restart IIS and clear your browser cache. Close and open your browser and see if the issues are still there. Also see if the behaviour reproduces using a different browser, or from a different computer.

Download the beta

So to get access to all the cool new features we talked about for, head to our download page, enter your email address and click the version 2.0 beta option.


If you are upgrading from version 1.0, or from an earlier version of the 2.0 Beta, uninstall your existing Fastvue installations (both the Arbiter and Dashboard). Check that everything in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\ has been removed, then install the latest version.

First Time?

If you haven’t installed Fastvue TMG Reporter yet, watch our getting started video at It refers to version 1.0, but the steps are exactly the same for version 2.0.

If you have any issues, please let us know!

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