11 05, 2020

7 Key Configurations To Optimize Fortinet FortiGate’s Logging and Reporting

We have identified some key configuration options that greatly improves Fortinet FortiGate's logging and reporting, providing better visibility into user internet usage and how your network is operating. Here are the seven most important configuration options you should perform on your FortiGate to improve the detail and visibility of the reports and alerts from Fastvue Reporter for FortiGate.

21 04, 2020

Introducing SonicWall VPN Reports and VPN Dashboard

With everyone shifting to working from home due to COVID-19, reporting on SonicWall's VPN activity is top of mind for many overstretched IT teams right now. To help, we've made some additions to Fastvue Reporter for SonicWall to provide better visibility into SonicWall's VPN connections and ensure your remote infrastructure is holding up. And yes, it also supports SonicWall SMA! With Fastvue Reporter for SonicWall's new VPN Dashboard and VPN Report, you can monitor the number of active sessions throughout the day to help plan for extra capacity, or use the reports to find who has not connected recently. You can also easily see when most people connect and disconnect, and proactively respond to unexpected disconnections or excessive invalid login attempts.

22 03, 2020

Remote Working: 8 Tips for IT Security Teams

Thanks to Coronavirus (COVID-19), already overstretched IT teams worldwide have a new priority. How do we enable our entire workforce to work remotely, while keeping the network, and data, safe and secure? Here are our 8 tips for IT teams when enabling staff to work from home.

13 03, 2020

Fastvue and Sophos Working Together To Keep Students Safe Online (Product Demo)

Fastvue was invited as a guest presenter in a recent webinar hosted by Sophos to help demonstrate how Fastvue Sophos Reporter together with the Sophos XG platform can provide schools with everything they need to safeguard and detect students at risk of self-harm, extremism/radicalization, and anti-social/unacceptable online behavior.

25 10, 2019

Monitoring Internet Usage to Safeguard Students in Schools

In this digital-driven age, it has become integral to focus educational resources and policy towards protecting students/pupils while they are online at school. Across the world, different countries are putting guidelines in place to help protect children and keep them safe from exposure to harmful online content through digital safeguarding in schools.

10 09, 2019

SonicWall Analyzer End of Life and SonicWall Analytics Review

SonicWall Analytics is the replacement for SonicWall's 'Analyzer' product which has reached End of Life (EOL) status. There is an online demo where you can get a feel for what SonicWall Analytics provides so I took it for a spin. Here's my short review of SonicWall Analytics and some initial thoughts.

2 08, 2019

Reporting on Internet Usage Productivity with Fortinet FortiGate

Fastvue Reporter for FortiGate classifies Fortinet FortiGate's Internet Usage traffic as either Productive, Unproductive, Acceptable and Unacceptable. This enables you to see the FortiGate categories that you've deemed to be Unproductive or Unacceptable that are being allowed through your policies as well as the categories you've deemed to be Productive or Acceptable that are being blocked, potentially getting in the way of people doing their jobs.

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