2510, 2012

Hunting IE6 Zombies with TMG Reporter

Old machines running IE6 with no service packs or security updates are a big security concern. Fortunately you can use TMG Reporter to easily identify and track down old neglected 'zombie' machines that may still be running IE6 and connecting to the internet. Just create an alert, sit back and relax, and wait for the IE6 zombies to come out and play!
310, 2012

Testing and Monitoring Forefront TMG Malware Inspection and Intrusion Prevention (NIS) Systems

By actively monitoring Forefront TMG's Intrusion Prevention and Malware Inspection events, you can identify the source of vulnerabilities and take immediate action. This article explains how to test the intrusion prevention (NIS) system as well as the malware inspection system, and how to monitor and alert on these events.
1707, 2012

How to Configure Forefront TMG Malware Alerts

Malware trends change over time and so do the methods of attack.  Once upon a time the trend was to build a malicious site, jam it full of exploit code […]

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