410, 2012

New TMG Reporter Features: Custom Reports, SQL Support and more

Forefront TMG reporting just received a huge upgrade with the new features in the latest Fastvue TMG Reporter release. Custom Reports, SQL Support and more.
3005, 2012

Enterprise Reporting Challenges with Forefront TMG 2010

As I outlined in a previous blog post, the native reporting tools included with Forefront TMG 2010 are quite limited. In addition to the shortcomings I mentioned previously, deployments of […]

2405, 2012

Fastvue TMG Reporter’s System Requirements Explained

It may sound strange, but we have designed Fastvue TMG Reporter to be a resource intensive application. We’ve done this so that TMG Reporter imports your logs and produces reports […]

1805, 2012

Logging Improvements in Forefront TMG 2010

One of the areas that improved significantly in Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) 2010 is logging. Sure, it doesn’t get all the attention that TMG’s advanced web protection capabilities do. […]

1005, 2012

Understanding TMG Web Caching Concepts and Architectures

I just stumbled across this very informative dive into the wonderful world of Forefront TMG Caching by Deb Shinder:

Understanding TMG Web Caching Concepts and Architectures.

Hope you find it useful 🙂

(Thanks […]

405, 2012

The Best Forefront TMG Configuration for TMG Reporting

TMG Reporter gets its information through Forefront TMG’s Web Proxy and Firewall Log files. If these logs are lacking information, some sections of TMG Reporter will be blank or simply not […]

2303, 2012

TMG Reporter Beta Update (

We recently posted an update to TMG Reporter Beta – build Unfortunately it introduced some issues for those that were already using an earlier version of the beta. As […]

903, 2012

Announcing Fastvue TMG Reporter Version 2.0 Beta

Since the release of Fastvue for TMG version 1.0 back December 2011, we have had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback for our real time dashboard and alerting system for […]

1001, 2012

How to find which Forefront TMG Service Pack is installed

Typically, if you need to discover the version of a piece of software, the convention is to go to Help | About.

Microsoft Forefront TMG is no exception, however TMG […]

1412, 2011

How We Designed The Fastvue Dashboard

About six months ago we embarked on a project to design a real time dashboard that helps network administrators quickly answer the question – What is going on in my […]

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