1201, 2016

Simplify Forefront TMG Migration By Web Chaining To An Upstream Proxy

Microsoft Forefront TMG’s web filtering capabilities officially ended on 31 December 2015. However, a large portion of Forefront TMG users have not migrated to an alternative platform or are struggling […]

902, 2014

How To Extend Forefront TMG’s Web Protection Services (WPS) After November 30 2012

UPDATE (2016-05-01): Now that Microsoft have officially turned off Web Protection Services, please see our latest article on why Finding a Forefront TMG replacement is more urgent than you thought!
As […]

2701, 2014

How To Extend Forefront TMG’s Web Protection Services (WPS) After November 30 2012

As you probably know, Microsoft stopped selling Forefront TMG as well as its subscription based Web Protection Services in December 2011.

Although you can still purchase Forefront TMG through the OEM […]

1809, 2013

Make The World A Better Place with Fastvue and Microsoft Reputation Services (MRS)

Uncle Ben told Peter Parker “With great power comes great responsibility”. With TMG Reporter and Webspy Vantage you gain total visibility of what your users are up to. This allows […]

2606, 2013

Fastvue TMG Reporter Voted Best Reporting Application – ISAServer.org Readers Choice

It’s official! Fastvue TMG Reporter is the best reporting application for Forefront TMG as voted by ISAServer.org readers!

ISAserver.org (http://www.isaserver.org) is the leading Microsoft Forefront TMG / UAG and ISA Server […]

2006, 2013

Monitoring, Alerting and Blocking Countries with Forefront TMG

Recently I posted an article on ISAserver.org on using Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) 2010 to monitor and optionally block network access based on the country/geography of the source or […]

3005, 2013

How to Report on YouTube Activity with Fastvue TMG Reporter

A common concern for network administrators is how to manage traffic to high bandwidth sites. YouTube.com is one specific site that network administrators need to watch closely. The site holds […]

2304, 2013

Forefront TMG Tips and Tricks

Richard Hicks is a guy worth listening to when it comes to Forefront TMG. He has been installing, configuring, and managing TMG and its predecessors ISA Server and Proxy Server […]

1104, 2013

TMG Reporter 2.1 Out Now!

After a lengthy beta period, we are happy to announce that Fastvue TMG Reporter 2.1 has been officially released!

TMG Reporter 2.1 features detailed Activity Reports, Scheduled Custom Reports, Comprehensive Filtering […]

2503, 2013

HTTPS Inspection in Forefront TMG – Concerns and Misconceptions

When configuring your Forefront TMG Web Access policy, there is an option to enable HTTPS inspection. In this article, I will aim to clear up some confusion surrounding HTTPS inspection in […]

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