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8 04, 2021

Understanding and Optimizing Sophos XG’s DNAT Rules

Sophos XG makes it easy to expose internal services to the public internet using the Server Access Assistant (DNAT) wizard. However, this does generate a lot of configuration that is not strictly required. By knowing your environment, some basic theory, and what is and is not required, you can configure clean concise DNAT rules. This article uses the example of exposing a Plex server on the public internet to understand Sophos XG's DNAT Rules and how to optimize them.

18 03, 2021

Sophos XG – How to Block Searches and URLs with Specific Keywords

This article outlines how you can use Sophos XG to block searches and URLs that contain specific keywords. This is can be useful in preventing school students from wasting time searching for mobile phone wallpapers and/or looking for 'VPNs' that could potentially result in students or employees getting around your Sophos rules and policies altogether!

26 05, 2020

Introducing Sophos XG VPN Reports and VPN Dashboard

With many people now working from home due to COVID-19, reporting on Sophos XG's VPN activity is top of mind for many overstretched IT teams right now. To help, we've made some additions to Fastvue Sophos Reporter to provide better visibility into Sophos XG's VPN connections and ensure your remote infrastructure is holding up. With Fastvue Sophos Reporter's new VPN Dashboard and VPN Report, you can monitor the number of active sessions throughout the day to help plan for extra capacity, or use the reports to find who has not connected recently. You can also easily see when most people connect and disconnect, and proactively respond to unexpected disconnections or excessive invalid login attempts.

13 03, 2020

Fastvue and Sophos Working Together To Keep Students Safe Online (Product Demo)

Fastvue was invited as a guest presenter in a recent webinar hosted by Sophos to help demonstrate how Fastvue Sophos Reporter together with the Sophos XG platform can provide schools with everything they need to safeguard and detect students at risk of self-harm, extremism/radicalization, and anti-social/unacceptable online behavior.

23 05, 2019

Attacking and Testing Sophos SG Web Application Firewall

Learn how to set up a Sophos SG Web Application Firewall testing environment where you can test and hone your WAF configuration skills. Step by step instruction on how to get started with a controlled security testing environment called Web Security Dojo.

23 10, 2018

How To Retrieve Log Files From a Sophos UTM Cluster Slave Node

When you have an active-passive Sophos UTM cluster, the configuration is synchronized between the nodes, but if the Master fails, it may not sync all the log data to the Slave node. From the WebUI, there is no method to view the files on the Slave device, yet those log files can contain information about the cause of the failure. This guide takes you through how to retrieve log files from a Sophos UTM cluster slave node and copy the file(s) to your local machine for analysis.

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