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Monitor your school’s internet usage for students accessing self harm, extremist and inappropriate online content.

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How Fastvue Reporter Can Help

Fastvue Reporter comes with a range of alerts to help schools detect students at risk of self harm, extremism and radicalisation, or just searching for undesirable content.

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What Schools Think of Fastvue

“The main challenge our school had was the lack of visibility over our internet traffic. We wanted to be able to track an individual student from a welfare perspective and we just didn’t have the ability to do anything like that in an easy way or without something that required a lot of technical staff time using the undecipherable logs from the firewall.

Fastvue Reporter has bought us visibility and that was the key thing we really wanted. Now we have it, we can much better attend to our online safeguarding responsibilities at the school.”

Michael Raymond, Duncraig Senior High School

“We receive alerts for a variety of use cases at different severity levels. These range from very serious alerts that may indicate issues with student mental health, through to more informational alerts such as large downloads.

After running Fastvue for over a year, we have a much better understanding of teenager online behaviour including what they are interested in learning about such as biological facts and so on. Our Deans for both Primary and Secondary are now using the insights delivered by Fastvue to help shape their plans and activities around how to engage with students on these relevant topics in a healthy manner.

From an IT perspective, the graphic visibility I get with Fastvue is amazing. With one look at the Fastvue screen I can see what is going on with my network. I can’t live without it.”

Orhan Camkara, Islamic College of Brisbane
Fastvue Education Case Study - Islamic College of Brisbane

“Fastvue Reporter is able to intelligently interpret the firewall’s log files and extract detailed user activity on the web, during any particular timeframe. This produces clear reports that can be sent to safeguarding officers in real-time or on a schedule”

Phil Wilmore, Stonyhurst College

The Insight School’s Need to Keep Students Safe

Simple and interactive internet usage reports, designed to provide Educators with easy to interpret information to keep your classroom safe.

Easy To Read Reports

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Report on students

Report Scheduling

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Custom Alerts for Schools

Fastvue Reporter comes with a range of alerts to help schools detect students at risk of self-harm, extremism and radicalization, or just searching for undesirable content.

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Send Email Alerts to Teachers

Whenever web searches match one of our keywords, alerts are triggered. These alerts can be emailed directly to teachers, safeguarding officers or the school’s Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL), as well as being accessible through the Fastvue Reporter interface.

For example, one of our School customers received an alert like this after a school student searched for ‘Easiest ways to kill myself’. They immediately took the child out of class, discovered he was at risk, and got him the help that he needed.

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Detecting Self Harm In Schools
Student Internet Usage Report - Video Visits

Find students engaging with inappropriate content

Easily drill down into any online content, such as an inappropriate video, to find each student that viewed it, when, and how long.

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Segment Alerts By Cohorts and Classes

You can also duplicate and segment the alerts by cohorts, years, students or staff to ensure alerts get sent to the right person.

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Easy Installation

Simply install Fastvue Reporter and point your firewall’s syslog data at the Fastvue server.

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Scheduling Reports

Internet Usage Reports that Make Sense for Educators

See why you cannot trust your firewall’s Internet usage reports to communicate web activity to Teachers and educators, and how Fastvue’s unique Site Clean feature makes the log data from your firewall reflect real Internet usage activity.

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For everything else, we have WebSpy Vantage – a generic log analysis and reporting framework with support for over 200 log formats


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