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Monitor your school’s internet usage for students accessing self harm, extremist and inappropriate online content.

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How Fastvue Reporter Can Help

Fastvue Reporter comes with a range of alerts to help schools detect students at risk of self harm, extremism and radicalisation, or just searching for undesirable content.

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What Schools Think of Fastvue

Fastvue Sophos Reporter has allowed me to do queries/searches for specific data/occurrences based on users, IP’s, times, etc. that without FSR is extremely difficult to get results for through the Sophos base logging/reporting system. What normally would have taken half an hour to find in the Sophos web protection / internet usage report can now be done in a few minutes with much more detail. It’s allowed me to actually be able to monitor web traffic a lot more and find those that may be abusing or violating our policies. In addition the graphs and visual top lists make monitoring the network much easier as well.

It’s main use has been ensuring users do not violate policies in place. Although web filtering is pretty easy with the Sophos UTM, people find ways around it and some things can’t simply be blocked and need to be monitored. Main functionality of FSR for me has been the alert system that I set up common things to look for such as search terms, downloads of large sizes over an hour, and malicious site visitations. All of these are important to be notified about ASAP in a school environment to ensure the proper use and performance of our network. I find myself using the user activity reports frequently in conjunction with looking at “top users” for bandwidth to see where, how long, what types of file extensions, etc. students have visited to get on that top bandwidth area.

Nicholas Toupin, Hopedale Public Schools

The Insight School’s Need to Keep Students Safe

Simple and interactive internet usage reports, designed to provide Educators with easy to interpret information to keep your classroom safe.

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Custom Alerts for Schools

Fastvue Reporter comes with a range of alerts to help schools detect students at risk of self-harm, extremism and radicalization, or just searching for undesirable content.

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Send Email Alerts to Teachers

Whenever web searches match one of our keywords, alerts are triggered. These alerts can be emailed directly to teachers, safeguarding officers or the school’s Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL), as well as being accessible through the Fastvue Reporter interface.

For example, one of our School customers received an alert like this after a school student searched for ‘Easiest ways to kill myself’. They immediately took the child out of class, discovered he was at risk, and got him the help that he needed.

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Detecting Self Harm In Schools
Segment Alerts

Segment Alerts By Cohorts and Classes

You can also duplicate and segment the alerts by cohorts, years, students or staff to ensure alerts get sent to the right person.

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Easy Installation

Simply install Fastvue Reporter and point your firewall’s syslog data at the Fastvue server.

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Scheduling Reports

Internet Usage Reports that Make Sense for Educators

See why you cannot trust your firewall’s Internet usage reports to communicate web activity to Teachers and educators, and how Fastvue’s unique Site Clean feature makes the log data from your firewall reflect real Internet usage activity.

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For everything else, we have WebSpy Vantage – a generic log analysis and reporting framework with support for over 200 log formats


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