Case Study: Stephen Perse Foundation

The Stephen Perse Foundation is a family of private schools in Cambridge and Saffron Walden. With roots dating back to 1881, they provide a complete educational pathway for children from nursery to Sixth Form. Renowned for its tech-forward approach, the Stephen Perse Foundation have used digital learning for over a decade and is currently recognised as an Apple Distinguished School. 

Stephen Perse Foundation Grounds

The Challenge

In their commitment to following the latest KCSiE guidelines (2023), the Stephen Perse Foundation required a more efficient way to filter, monitor, and report on their student’s internet usage on campus. While they already utilised their firewall’s inbuilt reporting system, the reports were not easy to interpret. 

The Objective

The Stephen Perse Foundation sought a solution that would efficiently filter web content and monitor and report on internet usage - while ensuring clarity and accessibility of reports for all staff. Although they weren’t exclusively looking for a tool that integrated with their firewall, it would allow for simpler implementation. The most important aspect of the tool was that it would achieve compliance with the KCSiE guidelines. 

The Solution

To address their challenges and achieve their objectives, the Stephen Perse Foundation opted to implement Fastvue which integrates with their existing firewall. Fastvue provides a user-friendly platform, allowing the foundation to efficiently maintain a safe and secure online learning environment across their schools.

“The initial set-up was very quick, and the day-to-day management from a technical perspective is minimal. It is advisable to run some tests, as we did, to ensure the alert levels were manageable for staff, and the great thing about Fastvue is that the alerts are customisable, and you can exclude or add keywords.”

“We liked that we could host it ourselves and that it bolts onto the firewall that we currently have. A lot of the other systems are cloud-based. We’d have to go externally to get the information we need, whereas Fastvue is contained onsite and it’s more secure.”

Andrew Brett, Director of IT & Systems Development

The Benefits

Since using Fastvue the staff at the Stephen Perse Foundation have been able to: 

  • Effectively safeguards students' online

  • Deliver automated easy-to-interpret reports to all relevant staff

  • Minimise day-to-day online monitoring management

  • Customise alerts for student's needs 

  • Work with a responsive and helpful support team at Fastvue, when needed 


With the latest KCSiE updates focused on web filtering and monitoring, the Stephen Perse Foundation has been able to effectively carry out these requirements and deliver easy-to-read reports. As Fastvue pulls data directly from their existing firewall, it was very quick to set up and has allowed staff to make informed decisions and act fast on any safeguarding or behavioural concerns before they develop into something more serious. 

About Stephen Perse Foundation

Dr Stephen Perse was a man of vision who, back in the 17th century, believed that education should be a right rather than a privilege, accessible to those with ability rather than dependent on income. 

About Fastvue

Fastvue’s real-time school internet monitoring solution proactively detects risky online behaviour. This enables schools to meet their duty of care and look after student welfare and well-being online while allowing greater internet access and improving learning outcomes. Create a safer online environment - for everyone.

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