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Case Study: Islamic College of Brisbane

About the Islamic College of Brisbane

The Islamic College of Brisbane (ICB) is a co-educational P-12 school in the suburb of Karawatha, City of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It offers teaching from Prep year to year twelve, has over 1500 students and 200 staff.

ICB has been using using Fastvue Reporter since May 2020 and Fastvue recently spoke with IT Manager, Orhan Camkara, who had the following to say.

Islamic College of Brisbane


We were previously using our firewall's reporting but it was not providing the data we were seeking and many things were going unnoticed.

There were tons of logs being generated by the firewall but it was too difficult to reach the data I was looking for and I was never able to get useful insights from them. I looked at many reporting products before coming across Fastvue noticed that Fastvue provided even more information than I needed.

  • Difficult to extract useful information on student online safety from the firewall.

  • Could not identify or alert staff to 'at risk' students.

  • Poor visibility over network activity

How Fastvue helps

The graphic visibility I get with Fastvue is amazing. With one look at the Fastvue screen I can see what is going on with my network.

We receive alerts for a variety of use cases at different severity levels. These range from very serious alerts that may indicate issues with student mental health, to more information alerts such as large downloads.

After running Fastvue for over a year, we have a much better understanding of teenager online behaviour including what they are interested in learning about such as biological facts and so on. Our Deans for both Primary and Secondary are now using the insights delivered by Fastvue to help shape their plans and activities around how to engage with students on these relevant topics in a healthy manner.

  • Alerts for 'at risk' behaviour such as self harm, sent to the right staff member.

  • Meaningful, easy to read reports sent to school Deans and Councillors

  • Creation of engaging educational content informed by issues identified in reports

  • Easy visibility into student behaviour, bandwidth and network security issues.

I can't live without it. We recently moved to a different firewall and my number one primary concern was 'Will it work with Fastvue?'

I also want to add that Fastvue's has the best support! They are always available and always very helpful, which is a very important fact.

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