Compare Sophos UTM Reporting Options

There are a few options when it comes to reporting on Sophos UTM. So what makes Fastvue Sophos Reporter so special?

In short, the Sophos UTM on-box reports and Sophos iView are great for UTM administrators concerned about UTM and network performance. Fastvue Sophos Reporter on the other hand is for everyone else concerned about employee internet usage. (But it’s also useful for UTM administrators too!)

Sophos UTM

On-box Reports

  • Designed for UTM Administrator
  • Reports on UTM and network performance
  • Basic information about web usage (top users, domains and categories)

Sophos iView

iView Appliance

  • Designed for UTM Administrator
  • Reports on UTM and network performance
  • Basic information about web usage (top users, domains and categories)
  • Collates data from multiple UTMs
  • Provides easy access to the log records that built each report


Fastvue Sophos Reporter

  • Designed for everyone else concerned about employee internet usage
  • Also useful for UTM Administrators
  • Goes beyond simple log aggregation to provide sensible and useful information around web usage, productivity and the UTM’s policies
  • Collates data from multiple UTMs
  • Provides useful activity reports as opposed to cluttered log searches to view full forensic detail

Advantages of Fastvue Sophos Reporter

Feature Sophos UTM On-Box Reports Sophos iView Fastvue Sophos Reporter
Department and Security Group Reports
Generate reports for Departments or Security Groups as specified in Active Directory.
Limited: Departments need to be locally defined on the Sophos UTM.
‘Sensible’ Web Reports (Fastvue Site Clean)
Most web reports do not make sense in that they are dominated by sites users never visit directly such as,, and Fastvue Reporter resolves CDNs into the site the user was actually browsing, and/or removes ‘junk URLs’ from reports using its unique Site Clean technology.
(More Info)

‘Readable’ Time-Based Activity Reports
HR and Department Managers need detailed web activity reports with date/times and full URLs, but a log search provides too much useless information. Fastvue Sophos Reporter groups log records into sessions, removes junk, and visualises activity with intuitive Gantt charts.
Only via Log Search

Presented as Log Search

Report on Web Policies
Fastvue Sophos Reporter lets you find the policy (Filter Action and Proxy Profile) responsible for blocking or allowing any traffic. Great for troubleshooting and refining policies.
Report on Allowed Undesirable Sites/Apps
Easily report on sites that are unproductive or unacceptable that are allowed by Sophos UTM.
Report on Blocked Acceptable Sites/Apps
Easily report on sites that are acceptable or productive that are blocked by Sophos UTM.
Flexible Report Filtering
Filter your reports by any value in the Sophos UTM Web Filter logs, and by AD groups or attributes. For example, report on activity where the Department is ‘Accounts’, AND the Productivity is Unproductive or Unacceptable, AND the Category is not equal to ‘Web Ads’.
Limited: Limited subset of log fields available, and no AD integration Limited: Limited subset of log fields available, and no AD integration. Can only drilldown into single items in existing reports.
Import Historical Logs
Historical log files already created by Sophos UTM can be imported and reported on.
Fill in Missed Syslog Messages
If the reporting server is temporarily offline, Fastvue Sophos Reporter will fill in the missed syslog messages using archived logs from Sophos UTM. iView will have gaps in the data for missed syslog messages.
Supports older UTMs
Version of Sophos UTM required for the reporting application.
N/A 9.206 and above 9.1 (and probably older)
Site clean is possibly the most useful tool for web usage analysis and reporting since the Internet began! A true Eureka moment in web reporting.
Nathaniel Gill, Fawkland Island Government
Fastvue Site Clean Rocks! And I love your customer support!
Andrew Reynolds, Network Administrator


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