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A Simple, Unlimited & Free Syslog Server for Windows.

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“Logging syslog to text is still a huge pain point for many people. Although there are hundreds of solutions that collect, analyze and log syslog data, they are often very technical, difficult to setup and learn, and prohibitively expensive. With Fastvue Syslog, we set out to provide a simple way to start logging all your syslog data in one place, without paying a cent.”

– Scott Glew (Co-founder @ Fastvue)

Fastvue Syslog Source Configuration

Syslog To Text

Detect incoming syslog data and automatically log the messages to organized text files.

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Automatic Archiving

Fastvue Syslog Server automatically zips logs older than 30 days (configurable) and moves them to an archive folder, reducing disk space requirements.

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SHA256 Files

Automatic SHA256 hash file for each log for validation.

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Syslog Forwarding

Easily forward syslog messages to other syslog servers. No need to stop using your other syslog apps to start using Fastvue Syslog. Even if your devices only support a single syslog server.

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Fastvue Syslog Server Editing Syslog Forwarding Options

Why Log to Text Files?

  • Text logs are an open format. Your data is not locked within a vendor’s proprietary database.
  • Text logs are human readable and easy to search or grep.
  • Text logs are accepted as evidence in legal proceedings.
  • Text logs compress well.
  • There are a large number of log analysis and reporting apps available that can parse text logs, such as WebSpy Vantage.
  • Text logs have a low overhead. No need to run heavy database engines consuming valuable CPU and RAM resources.
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Log Statistics

Easily see the size of logs and archived logs, overall and per device.

Fastvue Syslog Overall Statistics Page

Simple Web Interface

Access logs and archives, and configure Fastvue Syslog with an intuitive web interface.

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Programmatically retrieve statistics, logs and make settings changes via the Rest API

Fastvue Syslog API
Read the API Documentation

Open Source UI

Make changes to the User Interface by cloning our open source GitHub repo.

Fastvue Syslog Open Source User Interface
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Easy Peasy Setup

Fastvue Syslog Server Initial Confirguration

Install, answer a few quick questions, and you’re logging!

Set Listening Ports

Set Log and Archive Paths

Automatically Discover Syslog Sources


Simple, Unlimited & Free.

Log and organize all your syslog data on Windows, free. Yup, really!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fastvue Syslog Analyze or Report on Syslog Data?

No. Fastvue Syslog simply collects syslog messages, logs them to text files, then zips and archives logs older than a certain number of days (30 by default). You can then import these text logs into a log analysis and reporting application such as WebSpy Vantage.

Does Fastvue Syslog collect data other than syslog?

No. Fastvue Syslog listens for syslog messages on the listening ports you specify (514 by default). It does not connect to databases, Windows event logs or APIs. It deals with syslog. Nothing more, nothing less.

Does Fastvue Syslog show log messages as they come in?

Fastvue Syslog shows statistics on the number of messages and the size of logs collected each day, but it does not provide a log viewer or filtering interface. Just open the text logs in your favorite text editor or ‘tail’ application.

How does Fastvue Syslog work?

Fastvue Syslog installs a Windows Service that listens for syslog messages and writes them to text. The service is configured via a web interface that runs on port 47279. The first time you access the web interface, you are presented with the options to set the log and archive paths, listening ports and a username/password for the web interface. You can also edit these options via the cog button in the top right corner of the application. Once configured, logs magically appear in your logging location. See the Getting Started Guide for more information.

Reporting on Syslog Text Files

Now that logging syslog data to text is covered, the next logical step is to easily analyze and report on those text files.

WebSpy Vantage is an incredibly flexible log reporting framework enabling you automatically distribute the perfect reports to the right people in your organization.

WebSpy Vantage - Log analysis and reporting

Dedicated Reporting Apps for Web Gateways and Firewalls

You don’t need to become a log analysis expert. That’s our job. We’ve created dedicated, streamlined reporting applications for the major web gateways and firewalls. All you need to do is read the reports!

SonicWall Reporting
Fastvue Reporter for Palo Alto
Barracuda Web Reporting
Forefront TMG Reporting

 With More To Come!

WebSpy Vantage - Log analysis and reporting

For everything else, we have WebSpy Vantage – a generic log analysis and reporting framework with support for over 200 log formats.

Fastvue Syslog. A Simple, Unlimited and Free Syslog Server for Windows

Fastvue Syslog is a simple, unlimited and free Syslog Server for Windows. Collect syslog messages into text files for all devices on your network.