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Fastvue Site Clean - Introduction

The Problem of Reporting on the Modern Web

Internet Reports produced by web gateways do not distinguish between the web sites people intentionally access, and the web sites that are automatically accessed behind the scenes.

Fastvue Site Clean - The Modern Web

Fastvue Site Clean (Patent Pending) digs deeper and looks at all characteristics of web browsing log file data, to provide a more accurate picture of real web activity.

Web development trends have made Internet activity reports confusing and misleading


When relied on by employers and HR departments, this can lead to the reprimanding of employees or students for web browsing that was unintentional!

Fastvue Site Clean

Fastvue Site Clean (Patent Pending) digs deeper and looks at all characteristics of web browsing log file data, to provide a more accurate picture of real web activity.


Fastvue Site Clean is the only log analysis service of its kind, and the new standard in outbound web reporting.

Fastvue Site Report In MonitorFrame

A true Eureka moment!

Site clean is possibly the most useful tool for web usage analysis and reporting since the Internet began! A true Eureka moment in web reporting.
– Nathaniel Gill

Amazingly Useful Reports!

According to my UTM’s on-box reports, was by far our top site and responsible for huge bandwidth drains. I decided to block it, only to discover it broke half the Internet! I never realized so many legit sites use it for their content. Fastvue Sophos Reporter gave me the insight I needed to just block specific origin domains, not the entire CDN!
– Martin Johns

Great to see a company finally tackling this problem. Web reporting has been broken for ages!
Nathaniel Elwes
Site clean is a life saver. I’m no longer having to explain to HR what every single website in a user report means.
Rona Millard
Site clean saves me bucket loads of time! I used to manipulate report results in Excel to manually remove advertising and other junk so the reports were more palatable to managers. I wont miss those days…
Terrence Tate

How It Works

1. Intelligent Log Analysis

Fastvue Site Clean intelligently inspects all web browsing log data including Referrer URLs, Mime Types and Categories to help determine the ‘Origin Domain’ for every log record.

2. Automated Knowledge Updates

The service utilizes a comprehensive list of Domain Substitutes (for CDNs) and Junk URLs, fed by Fastvue’s web crawler that regularly scans thousands of sites and pushes discoveries to your Fastvue server every day.

3. Collaborative Learning

Create your own list of Domain Substitutions and Junk URLs if you come across them. Optionally contribute your own discoveries to the Fastvue Site Clean service, and benefit from everyone else’s discoveries too! *contributing feature coming soon*

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Site Clean In Action

The effects of Fastvue Site Clean are found throughout any Fastvue Reporter application

Live Dashboards

The Top Websites shown in your Live Dashboard are automatically cleaned. You should notice a lack of advertising, CDNs, and so on.

Overview Reports

Fastvue Site Clean is most noticeable in Overview and User Overview Reports. All sections that show a list of web sites now have options to show Clean (on), Clean (off) and Show Both.

Web gateways block and categorize individual web resources such as an advert on a page. The clean on/off feature enables you to view the domain that was blocked or categorized by your web gateway, in addition to Origin Domain that the web resource came from.

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Web Activity Reports

When running an Activity Report on a user, department or other similar object, Fastvue Site Clean groups all the individual web resources by Origin Domain. These resources are still available to view by expanding each row in this report.

The introduction of  Gantt Chart Bars embedded in the Activity Reports, provide an easy visual indication of the start time, end time and, and total browsing time spent on these Origin Domains for each hour of the day.

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Origin Domain Filter

Need to run a report on who accessed a particular site? Unless you know all the CDNs or ‘sister sites’ that the website used, you may not be reporting on all the data you need to. For example, to really report on you would need to also include,, you­­m,, and in report’s your filter.

Now with the Origin Domain field, you can simply enter Origin Domain ‘Equal to’ and be confident that the report is built from all data that originated from, such as the streaming video content from, the thumbnail images from and so on.

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Fastvue Site Clean perfectly complements the awesome list of features in Fastvue Reporter

  • User Reports

  • Security Group Reports

  • Department Reports

  • Website Reports

  • Subnet Reports

  • Policy Reports

  • Productivity Reports

  • Report on any logged item

  • Simple Report Scheduling

  • Private Report Sharing

  • Fully Customizable Web Activity Alerts in your inbox

  • Live Bandwidth Dashboard

  • Live Productivity Dashboard

  • Live Web Protection / Firewall Dashboard

  • Allowed Undesirable Sites Report

  • Blocked Productive Sites Report

  • Easily Investigate Unproductive Users

  • Easily Investigate Unproductive Sites

  • Large Download Alerts

  • Malware and Threat Alerts

  • Seamless Active Directory Integration

  • Full Chronological Web Activity Reports

  • Self Serve Reporting for HR

  • Distribute Reports for Managers

  • Send Productivity Reports to Employees

  • Warned and Proceeded Websites Alert (Sophos Reporter)

  • Customizable Data Retention Policy

  • Export To CSV

  • Simple Installation & Setup

Ditch your web reporting solution for the only one that matters.

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