Introducing Fastvue Site Clean

Fastvue Site Clean is a unique technology that declutters internet usage reports from advertising, visitor tracking pixels, meaningless CDN domains and other background noise.

The noisy modern web

Almost all web pages include tracking scripts, advertising and serve their images and videos from strange domains you're unaware of.

Confusing and misleading internet usage reports

All of this background 'web junk' is logged by your firewall and ends up in internet usage reports, making them useless for discovering what people are really doing online.

How Fastvue Site Clean helps

Fastvue's Site Clean technology resolves the 'web junk' to real websites, providing an accurate picture of internet activity.

How it works

Intelligent log analysis

Fastvue Site Clean intelligently inspects all web browsing log data including Referrer URLs, Mime Types, Categories and Timestamps to trace every url back to the originating web site.

Automated knowledge updates

A regularly updated database of CDNs and 'Junk URLs' act as a fall-back when the originating website cannot be determined from the log data alone. For example, Fastvue Site Clean knows is facebook's CDN and shows in your reports.

Customize for you!

If you see a strange website that Fastvue Site Clean is not taking care of, you can substitute it with the real website you’d like to see in your reports. You can also add your own ‘Junk URLs’ to remove traffic you don’t want to see in your reports.

"The best part for me is that once I set up the reports and who they go to, I am out of the loop totally. The department manager can parse through the report, run more detailed reports, and take action without involving me at all as a net admin. Site Clean made it even easier for the managers to understand (How do you explain what a CDN is to the accounting manager?)."
Andrew Reynolds
Network Administrator, Frasca Flight Simulation
"Thank you for making my job easier - I no longer have to spend hours explaining report results to heads of departments! Site clean is possibly the most useful technology for web usage analysis and reporting since the internet began! A true Eureka moment in web reporting."
Nathaniel Gill
"We can now manage our staff internet access without guessing. It makes reporting against internet usage very easy and friendly to use. Non-technical staff/managers can now view reports and get a meaningful and clear picture of what is happening."
David Sewell

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