Fastvue Reporter for Palo Alto

Simple Internet Usage Reporting for Palo Alto Networks.

Fastvue Reporter for Palo Alto Dashboard

Fastvue helps businesses and schools deliver useful internet usage reports to HR, Teachers, Department Managers and IT!

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For Businesses

Send scheduled reports to Department Managers and HR detailing their employee’s Internet usage.

For Education

Safeguard students by monitoring access to self-harm, extremist, or inappropriate content.

For IT

Monitor and troubleshoot your network in realtime to uncover the firewall features and policies responsible for allowing or blocking specific traffic.

Palo Alto Reporting Simplified!

You don’t need to be a log analysis expert to understand Fastvue Reports. Designed for HR, Teachers, Department Managers and IT.

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Fastvue Reporter for Palo Alto Internet Usage Report
The best part for me is that once I setup the reports and who they go to, I am out of the loop totally. The department manager can parse through the report, run more detailed reports, and take action without involving me at all as a net admin. Fastvue Site Clean made it even easier for the managers to understand (How do you explain what a CDN is to the accounting manager?).
Andrew Reynolds, Frasca
Fastvue Reporter makes reporting against Internet usage very easy and friendly to use. Non-technical staff/managers can now view reports and get a meaningful and clear picture of what is happening.
Fastvue Reporter for Palo Alto Dashboard

Live Dashboards

Fastvue Reporter is always ready to show you what is happening on your network right now. Real-time dashboards focus on the trifecta of network concerns: Bandwidth, Productivity and Security.

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Don’t Trust Your Firewall’s Internet Usage Reports

Internet Reports produced by web gateways such as Palo Alto do not distinguish between the web sites people intentionally access, and the web sites that are automatically accessed behind the scenes.

Fastvue Site Clean makes the log data from your firewall reflect real Internet usage activity. It removes images, scripts, fonts, ads, and other background traffic so you can send meaningful Internet usage reports an alerts, to the right person.

Website content is built from resources served from many different domains
Fastvue Site Clean - Introduction
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Scheduling Department Reports for Palo Alto Networks

Simple Report Scheduling

Managing employee productivity is a job for Department Managers or HR. Get web activity reporting off your desk and into the hands of the people that need it! Easily filter reports by Departments, Security GroupsOffices, or Subnets and automatically send them to the right person each day, week or month.

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Activity Reports in Fastvue Reporter for Palo Alto Networks

Detailed Investigations

Fastvue’s innovative Activity Reports not only include full activity details such as timestamps and full URLs, but they intuitively group them into browsing sessions with green bars showing exactly when browsing started and stopped. A real time saver compared with trawling through logs.

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Intelligent Alerts

Send instant alerts to the right people a soon as notable issues occur such as enormous downloads, and unacceptable activity and network threats. All the detail they need, sent straight to their inbox!

Stay Alert!
Fastvue Reporter for Palo Alto Alert Settings

Productivity Reporting

Fastvue Reporter assesses web productivity according to your guidelines to highlight unproductive or unacceptable browsing.

See exactly what is being allowed (or blocked) that shouldn’t be, and adjust your Content Filter policies accordingly.

Improve Productivity!
Fastvue Reporter gave us the ability to identify time-wasting traffic and maximize our bandwidth usage for all employees. Such a great granular reporting tool!
Chris Martel, Spiller's

Active Directory Integration

Seamless (zero config) AD integration, enables simple reporting across AD Departments, Offices, Companies and Security Groups.

Reporting For All!
Fastvue Reporter Department Report
Fastvue Reporter for Palo Alto Advanced Report Filtering

Advanced Filtering

Need the flexibility to schedule reports for subnets instead of departments, or ‘monitored’ traffic vs ‘allowed’ traffic, or perhaps drill into a specific MAC address or Source Zone? Fastvue Reporter’s advanced filtering engine narrows down your reports to anything you can dream up!

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Central Reporting Across Multiple Palo Alto Firewalls

Configure all your Palo Alto devices to send Syslog messages to Fastvue Reporter and enjoy a centralized view of your entire network’s web and firewall activity.

Centralize Reporting!
Palo Alto Networks - Reporting on Multiple Devices
Fastvue Reporter is fantastic!!! Certainly one of the best software packages I’ve ever come across – does exactly what it needs to do, dead easy to use, and fantastic support from the Fastvue team! (Read Gordon’s full review).
Gordon Wells, Buckfast Abbey
When our demo ran out I literally felt blind as to what was going on with people surfing, etc. Working with support has been a total pleasure as they’re willing to go above and beyond to make the customer completely satisfied!
Scott Bentoske, FEC Automation Systems

Compare Palo Alto Reporting Options

Palo Alto Panorama

  • Designed for Palo Alto Administrators

  • Reports on Palo Alto hardware and network performance

  • Basic information about web usage (top users, domains and categories)

Fastvue Reporter for Palo Alto

  • Designed for everyone else concerned about employee internet usage, but also very useful for Palo Alto Administrators.

  • Goes beyond simple log aggregation to provide sensible and useful information around web usage and productivity.

  • Collates data from multiple Palo Altos into single dashboards, reports and alerts.

  • Productivity Reports utilizing Palo Altos Content Filtering Service (CFS).

  • Useful activity reports with full forensic details.

  • Real-time Alerts for any type of traffic or network issue.

  • Integrates with Active Directory for Department/Group reporting (requires user authentication on Palo Alto)

Independent, Honest Reporting

Our reports are not focused on showing you how excellent your Palo Alto is. Our reports may highlight traffic being allowed when it shouldn’t, blocked when it should, mis-categorized websites, ineffective policies and more.

Fastvue Reporter gives you the information you need to make your network efficient, productive and secure, getting the most out of your Palo Alto investment.

See what your Palo Alto is really doing…

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • User Reports
  • Department Reports
  • Website Reports
  • Subnet Reports
  • Productivity Reports
  • Report on any logged item
  • Simple Report Scheduling
  • Private Report Sharing
  • Fully Customizable Web Activity Alerts in your inbox
  • Safeguarding Report for Eduction (KCSIE / Prevent)

  • Search Term Alerts (Self Harm, Drugs, Extremism and more)

  • Seamless Active Directory Integration
  • Full Chronological Web Activity Reports
  • Self Serve Reporting for HR
  • Distribute Reports for Managers
  • Send Productivity Reports to Employees
  • Customizable Data Retention Policy
  • Export or Email as PDF or CSV

  • Live Bandwidth Dashboard
  • Live Productivity Dashboard
  • Live Firewall Dashboard
  • Allowed Undesirable Sites Report
  • Blocked Productive Sites Report
  • Easily Investigate Unproductive Users
  • Easily Investigate Unproductive Sites
  • Large Download Alerts
  • Malware and Threat Alerts
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