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Is your IT team stretched to the limit?

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Fastvue Reporter helps IT teams get a handle on their network by analyzing data from firewalls to provides insights into bandwidth usage, user activity and security issues.

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Uncover the Real Bandwidth Drain

Hover over the image below to see Fastvue’s Site Clean feature in action.

Most websites use Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to serve and stream heavy content such as video, audio and images. These often have strange URLs and are difficult to identity.

Fastvue Reporter’s Site Clean engine resolves these CDN sites into the real website that the content comes from, allowing you to make better firewall policy decisions.

  • Receive real-time alerts on large file downloads

  • Identify bandwidth hogging users, applications and sites.

  • Real-time bandwidth dashboard for constant monitoring

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“According to my firewall’s on-box reports, was by far the top site draining our bandwidth. Not knowing what it was, I decided to block it, only to discover it broke half the Internet! Fastvue Reporter now gives me the insight I need to block specific problem sites, not the entire CDN!”

Martin Johns

Managing employee online productivity is NOT an IT job

Get the job of reporting and managing employee internet usage off your desk and into the hands of HR and individual department managers. Fastvue’s Site Clean engine means you can finally send non-technical people internet usage reports they understand.

  • Automate reports to department managers by segmenting reports by Active Directory departments, offices, companies or security groups.

  • Send internet usage productivity reports on all staff to the human resources (HR) department every day, week or month.

  • Send real-time alerts to department managers and HR teams when unacceptable internet usage occurs.

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Fastvue Reporter - Schedule Reports for Department Managers

Scheduling Reports for HR and Department Managers

Reporting on Unproductive and Unacceptable Browsing

Reporting on Employee Internet Use During Work Hours

“The best part for me is that once I setup the reports and who they go to, I am out of the loop totally. The department manager can parse through the report, run more detailed reports, and take action without involving me at all as a net admin”

Andrew Reynolds (Frasca)

Investigate, Diagnose and Troubleshoot Like a Boss!

Ever had a user complain they can’t access what they need due to the firewall getting in the way? Quickly run investigations on threats detected, large connections, users, security groups, websites sites, IPs, applications, firewall policies, blocked traffic, allowed traffic, and anything else in your firewall’s log data.

  • Quickly find the policies responsible for blocking or allowing traffic

  • Receive alerts as soon as a policy violation occurs.

  • Firewall dashboard to monitor threats and suspicious traffic in real-time

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Fastvue Reporter Run Report URL Blocked Policy

“Fastvue Reporter has resolved a lot of the anxiety I was feeling about seeing activity in the firewall logs, yet not feeling I had a handle on what was actually happening”

Brian Fulmer (American Incorporated)

How does it work?

Sending Syslog From Firewall To Fastvue
  • Install Fastvue Reporter on a server in your network

  • Send your firewall’s syslog data to the Fastvue server

  • Enjoy!

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Real Time Alerts

SonicWall Live Alerts

Terrified of that ‘Allow Any -> Any’ rule being left on accidentally? You’ll quickly know when your firewall policies are not working with Fastvue Reporter’s real-time Alerts. Quickly identify threats and excessive downloads as they happen, and send internet usage alerts to the people that need them.

  • Alerts for excessively large downloads

  • Alerts for threats detected by your firewall

  • Alerts on suspicious search terms entered into search engines

  • Alerts on unacceptable internet usage

Monitor Usage

Real-time Dashboards

From bandwidth tracking to keeping a close eye on internal browsing activity, our visual dashboards provide a clear snapshot of what is happening on your network now.

  • View bandwidth over time, top users, applications and sites

  • View unacceptable and unproductive browsing in real time

  • Identify network threats and watch over firewall policy usage

Set up Dashboards
Fastvue Reporter for SonicWall Dashboard

Comprehensive Reporting For System and Network Admins

Fastvue Reporter Overview Report on Internet Usage

Summarized Overview Reports

Overview Reports display a comprehensive range of summarized information on network bandwidth (sites, users, applications, connections etc), top threats, blocked traffic and traffic that has been allowed that perhaps shouldn’t be.

  • IT and Network Security Overview Reports show information about network bandwidth, threats, firewall policies, and blocked/allowed traffic

  • Internet Usage Overview Reports show information on top sites, users, departments, suspicious searches, YouTube videos, and internet browsing productivity.

  • All Usage Overview Reports display both Internet Usage and IT and Network Security information in a single report.

Automatically email reports to the right person every day, week or month, either as a link to the in-app report, or as a PDF or CSV attachment.

Detailed Activity Reports

In addition to Overview Reports Fastvue Reporter has uniquely designed Activity Reports showing individual browsing sessions with start and end times, with full log-level details available by clicking on the session rows.

  • Green bars in the Activity Reports provide a visual indication of when browsing sessions started and stopped.

  • Full URLs, timestamps, and firewall actions (allowed/blocked) are available by clicking each session row.

  • Export the summarized sessions and/or the full log details to CSV or PDF.

Activity Report

Extensive Filtering

An extensive range of filtering options are available when reporting on internet usage, or IT and Network security issues, enabling you to extract the information you need at any time.

  • Filter reports by  Security Groups and Active Directory attributes such as Departments, Offices, Companies and Users.

  • Filter reports by IPs and Subnets

  • Filter reports by anything in your firewall’s log files including URLs, applications, web categories, event IDs, policies, you name it!

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VPN Reports

Monitor external VPN connections, disconnections and failed logins in real time, or report on VPN connections over previous timeframes.

  • VPN Dashboard showing active connections, recent disconnections, top users, and failed logins

  • VPN Section in the IT Network and Security Report showing VPN sessions over time, top users, VPN Types and failed logins.

Note: Only available for certain firewalls (SonicWall, Sophos XG and UTM (SG) and Fortinet FortiGate).

Fastvue Reporter SSL VPN Report

“Fastvue Reporter has allowed me to do queries/searches for specific data/occurrences based on users, IP’s, times, etc. that without Fastvue Reporter is extremely difficult to get results for through the base logging/reporting system. What normally would have taken half an hour to find in the firewall’s web protection / web usage report can now be done in a few minutes with much more detail.”

Nicholas Toupin, Hopedale Public Schools

“We can now manage our staff internet access without guessing. We can also provide monthly reports to Managers and also send browsing reports to HR for inappropriate use (this has already occurred!). It is also giving us good insight to our bandwidth usage. Fastvue Reporter makes reporting against Internet usage very easy and friendly to use. Non-technical staff/managers can now view reports and get a meaningful and clear picture of what is happening.”

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For everything else, we have WebSpy Vantage – a generic log analysis and reporting framework with support for over 200 log formats


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