1612, 2015

Finding a Forefront TMG replacement is more urgent than you thought

Microsoft just announced some Further details and guidance regarding discontinuation of TMG Web Protection Services, and it contains some potentially alarming information for those continuing to use Forefront TMG as […]

2310, 2012

Blocking Sites with Forefront TMG

Fastvue TMG Reporter gives you great insight into what sites are being accessed. Forefront TMG administrators are often surprised to see sites in their reports that they believed were being blocked by their Forefront TMG access rules. By running reports on these sites, they often discover that it is due to an unintended consequence of another access rule that permits traffic for a different situation. I thought it would be useful to review the various methods of site blocking to ensure that your rules are as broad or as specific as they need to be.
2606, 2012

Customizing Website Categories with Forefront TMG URL Filtering

One incredibly handy feature of TMG Reporter is the Productivity classification. This can not only be used to display productivity stats on the dashboard but also in defining alerts.  Fastvue […]

405, 2012

The Best Forefront TMG Configuration for TMG Reporting

TMG Reporter gets its information through Forefront TMG’s Web Proxy and Firewall Log files. If these logs are lacking information, some sections of TMG Reporter will be blank or simply not […]

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