505, 2015

Fastvue TMG Reporter v3.0 Out Now!

Finally! Fastvue TMG Reporter v3.0 is now available! Thank you to all beta testers that helped iron out all the issues over the past few months!

New Features:
Fastvue Site Clean (Patent […]

2606, 2013

Fastvue TMG Reporter Voted Best Reporting Application – ISAServer.org Readers Choice

It’s official! Fastvue TMG Reporter is the best reporting application for Forefront TMG as voted by ISAServer.org readers!

ISAserver.org (http://www.isaserver.org) is the leading Microsoft Forefront TMG / UAG and ISA Server […]

2006, 2013

Monitoring, Alerting and Blocking Countries with Forefront TMG

Recently I posted an article on ISAserver.org on using Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) 2010 to monitor and optionally block network access based on the country/geography of the source or […]

1104, 2013

TMG Reporter 2.1 Out Now!

After a lengthy beta period, we are happy to announce that Fastvue TMG Reporter 2.1 has been officially released!

TMG Reporter 2.1 features detailed Activity Reports, Scheduled Custom Reports, Comprehensive Filtering […]

203, 2013

Reducing Anonymous (Unauthenticated) Traffic in Forefront TMG

Everyone has seen the Anonymous user in their Forefront TMG Reports. This is because Forefront TMG logs 'anonymous' in the username field for all unauthenticated traffic. We have blogged about the Forefront TMG Anonymous User, and written numerous support articles. But here is the best tip we can give you to reduce unauthenticated traffic in Forefront TMG:
3010, 2012

Critical Update for TMG Reporter (

We have recently discovered and fixed an issue with TMG Reporter's data retention policy which, if left un-patched, could result in a loss of imported data. We highly recommend updating your installation of TMG Reporter to avoid losing any historical data that has been imported into TMG Reporter to date.
2310, 2012

Blocking Sites with Forefront TMG

Fastvue TMG Reporter gives you great insight into what sites are being accessed. Forefront TMG administrators are often surprised to see sites in their reports that they believed were being blocked by their Forefront TMG access rules. By running reports on these sites, they often discover that it is due to an unintended consequence of another access rule that permits traffic for a different situation. I thought it would be useful to review the various methods of site blocking to ensure that your rules are as broad or as specific as they need to be.
409, 2012

Mobile Friendly Forefront TMG Forms Based Authentication Template

Microsoft Forefront TMG 2010’s Web Publishing feature enables you to securely publish internal sites such as Outlook Web Access and SharePoint to the external network. Using Forms Authentication to secure […]

2108, 2012

Block Instant Messaging Traffic Using Forefront TMG’s HTTP Filter

Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) 2010 is a powerful application-layer firewall and web proxy server. TMG also includes advanced web protection technologies for providing essential security for clients accessing resources […]

1608, 2012

Monitor Bandwidth and Limit Internet Speed in Forefront TMG 2010

Fastvue TMG Reporter is unique in that it allows you to monitor internet usage in real-time. Another great feature is that it allows you to generate longer term internet usage reports. […]

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