505, 2015

Fastvue TMG Reporter v3.0 Out Now!

Finally! Fastvue TMG Reporter v3.0 is now available! Thank you to all beta testers that helped iron out all the issues over the past few months!

New Features:
Fastvue Site Clean (Patent […]

410, 2012

New TMG Reporter Features: Custom Reports, SQL Support and more

Forefront TMG reporting just received a huge upgrade with the new features in the latest Fastvue TMG Reporter release. Custom Reports, SQL Support and more.
1904, 2012

TMG Reporter 2.0 Is Here!

It’s out. It’s here. It’s now! After a very successful beta period, we have officially released TMG Reporter version 2.0!

Thank you for helping us bug fix, fine tune and improve TMG Reporter to what […]

304, 2012

Fastvue TMG Reporter Beta Update

Since our release last week, we have been busily adding the final touches to TMG Reporter 2.0 for the official release this weekend!

Over the past week, we have made the […]

2303, 2012

TMG Reporter Beta Update (

We recently posted an update to TMG Reporter Beta – build Unfortunately it introduced some issues for those that were already using an earlier version of the beta. As […]

2103, 2012

TMG Reporter Beta (Update

Update – We have since released to fix issues that some customers were experiencing with Read about the fixes, and download the latest build.


We have just released a […]

2010, 2011

New Fastvue for TMG Build Available

Our inaugural product Fastvue for TMG has now been in beta for a few weeks and we are humbled to have already received such a great response from the Forefront […]

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