2006, 2014

How to Build a Sophos UTM High Availability (HA) Cluster in Hyper-V

Deploying Sophos UTM in a High Availability pair allows for continuous uptime of the Sophos UTM services in the event that one of the UTM nodes fails.

Failures can occur due […]

1203, 2014

How to Deploy Sophos UTM on Hyper-V in 7 Simple Steps

Sophos UTM is very versatile when it comes to the deployment options available to you. You can purchase a physical hardware appliance, or deploy a virtual appliance on your own […]

1508, 2013

Understanding Hyper-V CPU Usage (Physical and Virtual)

Fastvue Reporter has some enhancements when it comes to processing multiple reports. It will now schedule multiple report jobs sequentially based on the number of processor cores available to the […]

1408, 2012

Deploying TMG Reporter on Virtual Machines and Monitoring Server Performance

Determining the system requirements you need to run TMG Reporter depends largely on the Forefront TMG configuration that you have, the logging method and the volume of log records being […]

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