203, 2013

Reducing Anonymous (Unauthenticated) Traffic in Forefront TMG

Everyone has seen the Anonymous user in their Forefront TMG Reports. This is because Forefront TMG logs 'anonymous' in the username field for all unauthenticated traffic. We have blogged about the Forefront TMG Anonymous User, and written numerous support articles. But here is the best tip we can give you to reduce unauthenticated traffic in Forefront TMG:
1110, 2012

Our Five Most Common Forefront TMG Reporting Questions

From anonymous browsing to 'I didn't visit that site!'. Here are our answers to the five most commonly asked Forefront TMG Reporting questions.
2103, 2012

TMG Reporter Beta (Update

Update – We have since released to fix issues that some customers were experiencing with Read about the fixes, and download the latest build.


We have just released a […]

1311, 2011

The Truth About the Anonymous User

So you have configured an access rule in Forefront TMG to only allow authenticated traffic, yet you still have the ‘Anonymous’ user showing in your log files and in the […]

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