Filtering and Forwarding Sophos UTM Syslog Data with Syslog-ng

Sophos UTM enables you to specify multiple destination syslog servers, but they will all receive the same syslog information. This is inefficient when some of your syslog servers only require certain log messages for specific purposes.

This article explains how to configure syslog-ng to filter and forward Sophos UTM syslog data to multiple syslog servers with different data requirements.

How to Configure Multiple Site-to-Site SSL VPNs with Sophos UTM

In a previous article we covered how to use  Sophos UTM to establish an IPSEC VPN tunnel. IPSEC VPNs are great for a number of reasons, but they have a big drawback when it comes to NAT traversal. While Sophos UTM supports NAT-t, where one side is behind a NAT, you run into connectivity issues when both sides are […]

Easy WAN Emulation for Application Testing

Anyone who has ever had to deliver application traffic over a WAN has no doubt run into the issue of trying to determine how their application would perform for a remote user.

In this article I will outline some of the issues with WAN delivery, and then move on to some easy WAN emulation tools to help simulate the conditions […]

Configure a URL Redirect with Sophos UTM’s Web Application Firewall

Sophos UTM is a great Reverse Proxy solution. However, it currently lacks the capability to redirect a request.

There are several reasons you might want to redirect a site, but the most common scenario is to temporarily take a site offline and display a ‘Site Under Maintenance’ page instead. This is far better for a public site than to simply drop […]

Force Sophos UTM to Log User Information for Scanned File Downloads

This article highlights an issue in Sophos UTM where user information is not logged when files are downloaded and scanned by Sophos UTM. It shows how this issue affects reports (both the the web usage reports on Sophos UTM, and in Fastvue Sophos Reporter), and how to work around the issue.
How Sophos UTM logs scanned file downloads
When downloading a […]

Deploying Endpoint Protection with Sophos UTM and Enterprise Console

In this article we will show how to integrate Sophos Endpoint Protection’s Web Control module with Sophos UTM using Sophos Enterprise Console (SEC) policies. This method is suitable for large deployments that utilize one or more SECs.

Deploying Endpoint Protection Web Control with Sophos UTM

This article dives into how small to medium sized organizations can use Sophos UTM Endpoint Protection to protect and manage their endpoints without any additional management infrastructure. It explains the features and limitations of using Endpoint Web Control policies vs the UTM’s full Web Protection policies, as well as how to report on web browsing activity of both on and off premises devices.

Active Directory SSO Authentication in Transparent Proxy Mode

When deploying Active Directory SSO Authentication in Transparent Mode, there are couple of limitations you need to know about. This article takes you through them so you can avoid some headaches troubleshooting authentication issues.

How Google Data Saver Affects Security, Privacy and Reporting

Google’s Data Saver feature can reduce the amount of data Chrome browsers download in order to load a web page. It sounds useful and harmless. Who wouldn’t want to save some bandwidth, speed up web browsing and save on mobile data charges?

Before rolling out or promoting the feature to your users, read this article first to be aware of how Google Data Saver works, and its implications on security, privacy and web activity reporting in your organization.

The Role of HTTPS Inspection in Google Search and YouTube Reports

Since Google made the decision to implement HTTPS across all their web properties (including YouTube), you can report that someone has been to, but not what videos they were watching. Likewise, you can report that someone has visited, but not what they searched for.

Fortunately, many Next Gen Firewalls, UTMs and Secure Web Gateways have a HTTPS Inspection feature that gets around this problem.

In this article I will show you how to selectively apply HTTPS Inspection to Google and YouTube using Sophos UTM, and how to report on YouTube videos and Google searches using Fastvue Sophos Reporter.